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Ochisor/Osho at his new home

 Ochisor/Osho's story had a very big impact & success, so far. Therefore I've asked his new mum, Maxine and his new best friend, Sammy (Maxine's son) to write the British part of Ochisor's story for my blog. Here it is and it's simply adorable:   Maxine: When I first saw Ochisor back last year, as soon as I saw him, I wanted him to come and live with us. I was wary at first because of his imposing size and the background information of his breed, but despite this I still wanted him. My son wanted him too, he was 12 when he first saw him. As a healer I worked with Ochisor (Osho ) from a distance and explained to him he would come here and be in a beautiful place surrounded by hills, sea and trees. I was told he wouldn't really like to be inside so I prepared the outhouse for him.  I have another dog that I rescued in May and was wondering how they would get on. Lucky is a Springer Spaniel crossed with a Sheep dog and is a lively, loving g

Ochisor – a dog’s love

There were so many requests from my friends abroad to translate Ochisor's story in English; so here it is. Thank you Izabella Czegeni for doing it! I spent quite some time getting ready to write about yet another important chapter of my life, which left a deep mark in my soul. This story is about the beautiful and most beloved Ochisor (Little Eye). I first saw him in the fall of 2010, in the bus station where I waited for the bus to take me home night after night. He was a big dog, white and black, very beautiful. He caught my eye because I’ve never seen him before and he had the oh-so-famous yoke around his neck, which made it clear for me that he was some kind of shepherd breed. As it was fall, it was possible that the shepherd had made its way back from the mountains, and as it way too frequently happens in Romania, the dog was “fired” from his job. I took a good look at him, but he didn’t seem interested by anything surrounding him. He was just sitting th