Ochisor/Osho at his new home

 Ochisor/Osho's story had a very big impact & success, so far. Therefore I've asked his new mum, Maxine and his new best friend, Sammy (Maxine's son) to write the British part of Ochisor's story for my blog. Here it is and it's simply adorable:

Maxine: When I first saw Ochisor back last year, as soon as I saw him, I wanted him to come and live with us. I was wary at first because of his imposing size and the background information of his breed, but despite this I still wanted him. My son wanted him too, he was 12 when he first saw him. As a healer I worked with Ochisor (Osho ) from a distance and explained to him he would come here and be in a beautiful place surrounded by hills, sea and trees. I was told he wouldn't really like to be inside so I prepared the outhouse for him.

 I have another dog that I rescued in May and was wondering how they would get on. Lucky is a Springer Spaniel crossed with a Sheep dog and is a lively, loving girl, and from Oshos arrival they have got on. Osho growled when anyone went near his food but has got used to being fed regularly.

There were issues with his vaccination so there was a delay in his arrival, Sam was upset but realised we were still getting him. 

When he arrived he settled in straight away and wanted to sleep with me from the first night. He is protective but not vicious with it though. He watches everything and as time has passed he has realised he can be a dog now, smell things, wag his tail, play, bark and bounce. 

He walks well on the lead, he does not pull and he is very affectionate, he bounces on you when he wants a cuddle, when he first arrived he was 18kg, he is now 30kg. He has to be fed on Burns brand food as any other makes his ear sore. He has been to the vets twice since I have had him due to his ear getting infected. This was very worrying for us as vets are expensive here, but now with him having a consistent diet he has been much better.

He was avoided by people when he first arrived but now people come to stroke him. When we go to town he decides where he wants to go and twice a week he visits the pet stall, and helps himself to two treats, the owner of the stall does not mind Osho helping himself and lets him. 

He will growl if another dog comes near the stall and this is the only time he is protective of food.

He is quite lazy now. He does not like the heat of central heating, but loves the heat of a real fire, he will not go out of it rains, and if I am in the house he will refuse a walk with someone else if I am there, except from Sam. 

He loves Fish, Salmon being his favourite, he also loves roast dinners. He spits tablets out and will only have them if they are in a tasty morsel of meat. 

He is not keen on water but will stick his toes in. He wants to play with birds, cats, and other dogs. I rarely let him off the lead as he won't come back if his attention is on something else.


Our lives have been touched in a most beautiful way since Osho has been here, he is a gentle giant who loves children, and loves attention. 

He is not keen on puppies or male dogs but is getting better.

 I want to thank Gail, and Jana for bringing my attention to Ochisor in the first place and Morag for helping with the healing, and Brinda for allowing me to have Ochisor in the first place. Without her trusting us with him we would not have him. Thank you ladies and much love to you all and may Ochisors story inspire others to rescue dogs.

Sammy: The first thing I noticed about Osho when he arrived was how quite, how confused he was! And also how skinny and sad he looked. I was really excited for him to settle in, because I had seen on the internet what had happened to him and I felt very sorry for him. I thought he was a very handsome boy! Seeing him being as skinny and as worried he was. It made me realise how lucky he was for someone to have found him tied up and of taken care of him! It made me wonder what would of happened if no one had bothered to have untied him and looked after him whilst waiting for a permanent home!

When Osho arrived he was very mellow and not bothered by anything, he nearly made me thing he was an old dog! But there are lots of changes being made; such as he is waging his tail loads compared to he did when we first adopted him. Also he is lots less protective over his food now he has realised that he has access to his food! 


He has made me allot happier than I was when we didn’t have him. Whenever I am not well or upset about something he is always there trying as hard as possible to cheer me up, whether it is rolling around on lap or if it is putting his big paw on my lap to get me to stroke him, he always knows how to cheer me up!

 Osho has changed my life in lots and lots of different ways! For instance adopting him made me realise how all dogs, whatever shape, size and ability they are all able to provide families with lots of love and happiness! 
Also something that I have learnt since adopting Osho is that with the right care and attention, all dogs, whatever their backgrounds they can change. There might be still some things that are noticed in the dogs behaviour that could of been effected by the past. But they can be happier dogs.


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