Familia mea/ My Family

Ro: Pentru  că am fost întrebată deunăzi câţi câini am, m-am gândit că cea mai bună prezentare este sub forma de slide-show. Din păcate doar 5 sunt propriu-zis în casa noastră, restul afară, "lipiţi" de curtea noastră. Dar pentru că numai noi le purtăm de grijă, deja au intrat în sufletul nostru. Buliţă, Frumuşelul, Fetiţa (Roşcăţica) şi Schiopăţel încă visează la nişte oameni care să-i adopte şi să-i primească în casele lor. Din păcate eu nu am putut să fac acest lucru, spaţiul e prea mic pentru atâţia câini, dar mai mult de atât, vecinii neiubitori de animale m-au reclamat încontinuu. Încă sper ca cineva să-i adopte şi pe ei, pentru că sunt nişte câini minunaţi.

En: I've been asked how many dogs do I have. Well, I take care of 9 dogs, but from them only 5 lives constantly (more or less) with us. Four of them lives outside of our yard, but because we are the only persons who feed them or play with them, they think we are their parents. I feel so sorry that I cannot take them inside (well, sometimes I let them into the yard, but only after I lock the other ones in the house). I love them, they are adorable and very loveble. I am still looking for someone to adopt them.


  1. You have such a beautiful family! I love learning about them, thanks for sharing them with us. I'm curious to know how you became an advocate for dogs in your country? It seems that it would be looked down upon to stand up for the dogs. I applaud you for the work you do to help dogs live happier lives!

  2. Thank you for your visit. I love animals since I was a kid and my dream was to have a house full of animals. But when I saw how many stray animals are abused and treated like a piece with no value, I realized everything is a result of an old mentality. That is why we have to start changing that.
    In Romania, most of the animal rights associations are founded by women. They spend their own money to help stray dogs and cats, because the government has the same old mentality. That is why is so difficult to fight for animal's rights, here.
    Hope I'll be able to help them more and more, day by day.

  3. JFF sent us to say howloh!

    We think it is furry khool woo do all woo do fur 'us'!


  4. You are awesome!
    Taking care of 9 dogs sure it is not easy!
    Kisses and hugs

  5. Brindusa
    I am so happy to meet you.
    You are a wonderful person to love and care for those beautiful doggies.
    I hope you find homes for the ones you can't take in. It's heartbreaking to see so many without the love and care they all deserve.
    Your family is beautiful!!!
    I apploud you and croos my paws that you can continue to help
    smoochie kisses from New York City
    Asta and Mommi

  6. Jan's Funny Farm sent us over. We enjoyed reading your blog and getting to know a little about you. We have 3 cats; ~ Socks, Scylla & Charybdis, the dog, Fenris and our Mom, Alasandra


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