Family blog-play

Hello dear friends,

Winter has come earlier than we expected. As all the dachshunds hate cold weather, we are not very happy either about the law temperature lately. Even if mom turned on the heater, we cry to be cover with the blanket too.

 When mom is not around to help us, we manage as we can.

But mostly, we adore when evening comes and mom makes the bed, we jump on it and look for mom to cover us up.

Although we have strict rules about each one's place in the house, Zguby & Patrunjel (Parsley) always try to invade our room and even to jump in or bed. Dad do not like to see them in our room because they leave a lot of fur on the carpet, unlike us.

 But mom asks them to go back to their own places, where they have their own blankets to sit on. We cannot stop wondering how can they sit there, without being cold. Parsley seems to hate the hot temperature and sometimes we see him away from his blanket and closer to the door.

We would freeze to sleep like him.

 When Mom asks them to go back to their places, they look sad. But Dad takes them in his arms and kisses them good night.


Well, they look better now. We adore too to lay down next to Dad

 And we also love when Mom is giving us treats, every evening. She said that while we didn't like to eat together when Zguby & Parsley came into our family, she decided we need some team building.

Well dear friends, hope you enjoyed our family blog-play.


  1. You have a beautiful family.

  2. Winter has come early here also! It snowed this morning, although it did melt by noon! Your pets are beautiful.How many do you have?My little Mr. Chips has to wear a sweater he gets so cold! Have a nice weekend!

  3. I don't like cold weather either!
    Here is still very hot and I am happy with that but my mom would appreciate fresher days now!
    I love that picture of you all waiting for the treats!
    Kisses and hugs

  4. @Tulip- thank you. You too have a beautiful family. Love it.

  5. @Lorenza- we love every time you come by. And your dresses overreach every doxiegirl's heart.
    Besos (pupici in Ro)

  6. @Deborah - we have 5 dogs, but one of them, a female mixture of sheepdog called Dirty is coming and going every time she wants. No matter of what we do for her comfort, she dig under the fence and go for a walk a day or even more. When she comes back she has lots of accessories attached by her fur. She is very lovable but she cannot give up her stray dog's habits. I also take care of other 4 stray dogs which live around our yard. I'm so sorry I can't take them inside, but they fight with our males. Still, we feed them and we pet them every day and they stay close to us. I am constantly looking for people to adopt them, but here people adopt only puppies or fancy dogs.
    Our doxies wear sweater too on a cold weather, but they prefer not to go out when is so cold.
    Thank you for coming by and have a nice weekend.

  7. Bine te-am gasit!Ce pacat ca nu stiu engleza!
    Oricum sint adorabili!am si eu - tekel(fetita-nu a avut nici un iubit-deci e fata mare!ha,ha)
    O iubim enorm!!!e o smechera....
    Acu e bolnavioara(convalescenta)!si e neastimparata foc si acum ca are pansament ,face magarii!
    Ai vostrii sint tare draguti!asa sint tekely!!vorba unei prietene : Besmetici!
    Nu au nici o treaba cind se vad in strada!!!!


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