Siberian frost

For more than a week, Romania is under a real Siberian frost. The temperatures often go below 20 degrees Celsius.  Everywhere is ice or frosted snow. The windows are frosted too. We had no such a hard winter for years long.
The TV Channels present on the news many homeless people dead because of the cold. Local administrations try to offer them a shelter, but many of them refuse to leave their so-called "valuable" goods. 
Stray animals suffer too, but only people who love them do something to help them. Humans take priority of all. I saw on a Romanian magazine (Academia Catavencu) this picture from a Bucharest block of flats where people tried to help the stray animals from their neighborhood by putting banana's boxes as bed for few dogs, in the hall. Isn't that sweet?

Although, people cannot help all the stray dogs. There are so many in our country, that you simply cannot  feed or shelter all. These days a sad picture circulated on the internet. A dog died from cold in a bus station. People stared horrified at him.

And how many more are there? Only God knows.  I personally have difficulty in feeding all 9 dogs, 2 times in a day. They eat much more than usually and I already feel that on my pocket. But I just can't stop helping them. Six of them are at my house and the other 3 outside, in the street. They come to my gate every morning and every evening, crying for food. They sleep outside, under old rusty cars or under the frozen sky. Sometimes they seem to enjoy the weather, they play, they chase each other, they seem happy. I think that they feel somehow safe knowing that there is someone who gave them food on a regular basis. I pray to God to help us moving to the countryside on a larger house with a lot of ground around. 

Untill then, I try to help them as I can. 
For example, Bullita (Bully), the latest adopted from our gang, is a mixture of pitbull. Because of his short hair he is pretty cold. He barks a lot and he often tries to come into the house. But my husband's grandma hates dogs and she barely endure the other 4 inside. She gives him a really evil eye every time Bully is trying to enter the house. Even if he is a former stray dog, who doesn't like to wear cloths, I simply coudn't endure to see him in the cold. He stays in the cage only during the night. During day, he runs, he barks, he plays.  So I decided to sacrificed an older wool sweater today ...

Isn't he sweet? And he likes it. Hopefully he will not start to chew it. 


  1. Wow!!! What an unfortunate situation. We have been hearing about the extreme temperatures from our friends in Russia.
    We are so impressed that you are able to take on feeding and caring for so many dogs!! They are very lucky to have you.
    Let's hope this cold snap passes, and spring comes early.

    Hugs and snaggle-tooth kisses,
    Sierra Rose

  2. Good things... sad things!
    Sure it is not easy to take care of many dogs but I know you do your best!
    Kisses and hugs

  3. So sad. I saw on the news about the dog on the ice floe that was rescued from the Baltic Sea, but things don't always have such a happy ending.

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