US Air Force Military volunteered for our shelter

I've been looking for so long to write this post, but something came up all the time. For example, my laptop almost broke after my husband accidentally pored his beer over my running computer. I thought I'll get crazy when I saw it doesn't work any more. But what are friends good for? Helping you when you are in deep sh... Today I finally can get my post written thanks to Virgil, even though some of the keys are still sticky from the beer and I have to press them continuously. So, what I want to tell you about? About a dream came true.

When I was planning to form the animal protection association, I knew that I cannot rely on too much support from my fellow countrymen. I've met so many people who think that I'm nut just because I love animals and I have 5 dogs inside the house. Some of them are members of the family, some friends or neighbors. Only few understand my preoccupation with the animal's situation. There is why I knew that if I want to build something durable, I would definitely need help from abroad, from people who have grew up with the sense for animals protection. But, in order to get there, you have to prove your interest and good intention.
Now, after more than 2 years since I founded the Three Spotted Brothers Association, together with my colleagues, my dream came true.

A little furry angel who lives on the street nearby a hotel from my town, conquered the heard of a young lady from US Force stationed at that hotel. The military woman wanted so much to save the doggy from the street but she couldn't do that because she had to go back in UK with the service. So she goggled and founded the Romanian Animal Rescue Inc., the American organization who fights for Romanian stray animals, and asked for their help. The founder lady, Nancy Janes, forwarded her e-mail to me and so it started. I invited the military lady to visit our shelter. She came with another colleague and immediately fall in love with our dogs. 

 Rachel & Amanda

They were very surprised to see that the rescue team in town consists of few women who make huge efforts to help stray animals.

Our colleague, Eva, doesn't like to be taken in picture, so
she's missing from the group

The next day, Rachel managed to mobilize her colleagues and came back with food, bowls and toys for the dogs. 

Well, our dogs have never seen toys in their life, so they had no idea what to do with them. They were so funny.

Rachel and her team came back on Saturday with building materials for dog houses. 18 US Force military, mostly women, help our volunteers to make houses for each dog in the shelter. A job that our local community never answered present for. 

thank you US Air Force volunteers
And here are some pictures with our happy dogs:

Notice the white one who says "Hellow-wow-wow"
   Dear Rachel, you and your colleagues made us all (people&dogs) incredible happy. Thank you!                                                  


  1. They are awesome!
    I am very happy for you!
    Thanks for sharing it!
    Kisses and hugs

  2. Well, this is how I saw it all... ;)

    The video can also be seen either on my videos page on facebook (!/pages/Marian-Oprea-Videos/116669841719890) or on my blog (



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