The streets of Turda, “cleaned of dogs “ for the “Days of the city “ Cainii din Turda au fost “curatati” pentru zilele orasului

The associations for the protection of animals, “Thei Frati Patati “ and “Amicii nostri” accuse the representatives of the town hall of “cleaning up” the streets of strays for the up coming festival  dedicated to the city which will take place this week-end.

The associations base their allegations on testimonies given by witnesses who sustained to have seen the dogs being shot with tranquillizers and and put in a car belonging to the ZOO from Turda.
The representatives of the animal protection associations say that they will make formal complains against the authorities for the atrocities committed. “ The citizens from that area told us that two nights in a row, Monday to Tuesday ( Aug.22/23 ) and Tuesday to Wednesday ( Aug.24/25) the dogs living down town have been rounded up, at around 2-3 am, with guns with tranquillizers. The members of these associations denounce the fact that the round up of strays have been done without them being informed or being present, especially when at the beginning of the week, the Deputy Vice-Mayor, Mircea Irimie, contacted them personally asking them to take the dogs in their shelter, but without intending to ask permission from the owner of the land where the shelter is located , not to help us build enclosures for these dogs. One day after this conversation, personnel from the local administration decided that it is cheaper and more simple to use the old method of “dog Catching”...
Many local have also declared to that they assisted to the night scenes when the dogs have been tranquillized and dumped in a car. “ I saw how they chased the dogs who were yelping. There were also people from API ( the administration of public estate) which belongs to the Town Hall. They took all  dogs who did not managed to run. I am sure they took them to the Incinerator in Gherla, where they burn them alive. It is not the first time when they this kind of thing “ Said a tenant from the down town area, who wants to remain anonymous for objective reasons.
Another man from Turda said that he heard the shots and saw the car (truck) which belongs to the ZOO Turda, passing by. “ I was on a terrace close to the park and the ZOO truck passed by. One could hear shots and dogs screaming. In the morning I saw that they also took the two dogs who lived near our building. I looked for them everywhere but I could not find them “ said T.E. another tenant from the down town area.
A group of young people met with the three men when they were in full action “ I was with two friends and we walked down town towards the Libertatii street when we saw a white jeep and around the Cathedral area we heard yelping. It was about 1 am Tuesday to Wednesday. Around 2-2,30am we met the men, they where shooting at the dogs and dumping them in the car, they also took the dogs from our building, even if these dogs had a kennel and a fence around it. They told us to mind our business when we asked them to live our dogs alone. There was a man Csabi, veterinarian and two other men.” said also Radu Bodea about the last night events.
People said that they did not call the police because there were already community policemen in that area and even when the men were violent with the animals “ it looked like an authorized action”.
The Deputy Vice-Mayor of Turda, Mircea Irimie confirmed the fact that he told the associations to take custody of those dogs from down town, but denies any implication in the disappearance of the animals.” We did not authorized such a thing and we have no knowledge of such actions. I also heard the rumours and I asked the Police, but they don't know anything either. If there are witnesses, why didn't they call the Police in that moment, I don't find it right to come with accusations after 2-3 days. If in deed such thing happened I am sure that the truth will come out “ said Irimie.


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